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    Hard water problems, iron and manganese in the water, rotten egg smell, strong chlorine taste or smell and corrosive water are just a few of the issues you can experience with your water here in eastern Tennessee. Ken King has been helping local residents to have clean crystal clear drinking and general use water for years. He understands the problems you are facing and can take the time to explain the problems and provide a low cost effective water purification solution for your family or business water needs. King Pure Water will provide a free water test for your water and go over the results with you.

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  • Our Pure Water Filtration Solutions

    Clean crystal clear pure fresh water is our passion, that's why we ask What's In Your Water!

  • Whatever size the commercial job is or how big the water system has to be, we can build you a system that will meet your needs without breaking the bank.

  • Let us provide your family with water the way nature intended free of harmful contaminates. Above all, soft water makes for soft skin and clean smooth hair.

  • Bad water, smelly water, dirty unclear water. We transform your dirty unsafe water and make it crystal clear with a clean fresh taste.

  • Need a replacement water filter cartridge but not sure what type is best for your system, we can provide the right filter for your needs.

  • The #1 expert in Water Filtration Products & Services, What's In Your Water?

    Ken King Pure Water is Sevierville and Knoxville's Premier Water Purification Company

  • King Pure Water Tech Tips

  • Thank you for considering King Pure Water for all of your water needs. We have many systems to choose from regardless of the problem you are having with your water, and we customize systems for every customer’s needs.

    Let’s face it, not everyone has the same quality of water. Do you have itchy, dry skin? Does your hair feel dry and frizzy? Do you wash your white clothes and they come out dingy or orange? Does your water smell like rotten eggs?

    Our goal at King Pure Water is to treat your water correctly the first time, while taking care of the customer as well. We strive to give an accurate diagnosis of the problem and be clear of the estimated costs, saving you valuable time and money. We stand behind our products and honor their warranties. You will not find any better service anywhere. Click the button below and contact us today for a free evaluation of your water.

    We pride ourselves on our service, providing service on all makes and models of water treatment equipment, both residential and commercial. Our systems are affordable and simply the best in the water industry; our prices can not be beat!

    We offer a free, no obligation, in home water test and quote. There will be NO high pressure sales.

  • Our Services

    At King Pure Water the customer is king.  Below are our services we offer.

  • Let us provide you with water the way nature intended free of harmful unwanted contaminates at an affordable cost.

  • Let us provide a low pH water solution.  Corrosion and increased levels of copper in your drinking water are a direct result of low pH.

  • Bring us a sample of your water and let us analyze it for contaminants.  Once we know what is in it, we can offer a solid solution for pure clean water.

  • Our filters will help keep sediment out of your water system including your water heater.  Our filters are designed to remove sediments and other particles in your water.

  • It's important you keep your water systems well maintained.  Bacteria and other contaminants can easily get into your water system.  It is critical to keep your system properly maintained.

  • It's critical that you are aware of any potential wastes or contaminants that can seep into your water system. Surface waters can easily cause contamination of water that we use for drinking.

  • Get your Water Analysed today!

    What's In Your Water?
    Bad tasting water is one of the most common complaints I hear when talking with local homeowners. There are a thousand reasons why your water does not taste good. That's why a water analysis will tell us exactly what is in your drinking water and from there we design a safe effective solution.

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  • Testimonials

    As a family owned and operated business, we strive to make sure our community has safe, pure water, every day.

  • We are very impressed with our whole house conditioner and reverse osmosis kitchen system. Mr King was very engaging and was not a high pressure salesman. The installers arrived on time and within hours our service was completed. We would highly recommend King Pure Water.

    Dixie Fox

  • Had a hard water problem. Mr. King evaluated and solved my problem by installing a King Pure Water softener which ultimately resulted in increasing the longevity of my washer and fridge. Kenny treated me in a professional manner and was courteous and understanding. I recommend.

    Thomas Finnigan

  • We tested our water and toxin level was high and so the trips to refill gallon jugs and bottles became a real pain. Stopped by and spoke with Ken and he showed us system that would solve our problem. Next day a great Navy veteran installed system and tester showed better water then we were buying. Reviews about top notch local company is why we stopped and sure glad we did.

    Arthur Wisler