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At King Pure Water we take great care to insure our clients are serviced in the most professional honest way possible.  We are proud of the work we do and the results we achieve for our clients.  Clean pure water is critical for us and for our clients.  It shows in the testimonials we receive from our clients that we do care and that they are completely happy with the results we provide for them and their families.  Don’t just take our word for it read these testimonials below from a few of our customers


  • We don’t try and sell you more than you need


    We were buying a home in the Loudon area and had another company test the water. They said we had choloform and sulpher on both the hot and cold sides of the system. They were trying to sell us a $2900 system to clear up the issues. We decided to get a second opinion, and called King. They came out and found there were no issues other than some particulate. We had them install a $300 filter, and now everything is fine. These guys rock! -Tom B.



  • What’s In Your Water?


    Great Service! I got the whole house filter for chlorine and reverse osmosis for the kitchen sink and fridge. It has made my everyday life so much easier and more pleasant to have good water to drink. I was carrying those 5 gallon jugs from the grocery store and hauling them upstairs. I actually tried not to drink too much water, just because it was such a pain on me physically. I did have two other quotes from water filter companies before I heard about King Pure Water. The others were WAY more expensive for the same product! Also, King Pure was no bologna when it came to testing your water. Just a simple quick test, no BS, payment plan if you want/need and that’s that! I wish I had known about them sooner. Definitely recommend their service/product. -Whiteside Art



  • You’re not just a faceless customer, you are like family


    ABSOLUTE TOP NOTCH! This company is AMAZING! The service doesn’t get any better than here…We have a vacation home so we are 6.5 hours away and make it down on weekends. They are always available for our needs. We had another company before King and the service and product was awful! King Pure Water is a Godsend! Holly & Faith are not only knowledgeable but also so friendly when we call. They know our names when we call…..We are not an address to them. In this day and age …THAT goes along way! King Pue Water ….We Heart Yoiu and couldn’t be happier with your service, product and staff!!! Can I only give you 5 stars? I wish I could give you a thousand more!  -Liz Serin

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